cdinfo73CD Info is a consulting firm specializing in computing, networking, IP technologies as well as a wide array of services including the sale and maintenance of IT equipment and on site, on-line or telephone technical support. Our corporate clients count on our team members’ extensive knowledge to improve their systems’ performance and productivity. Most of all, they appreciate the quality of their consulting services, their availability and timeliness.


  • Réseautique


    The networking services for SMEs Corporate Info CD can improve their productivity and performance. Whether your needs are for the installation of basic infrastructure, a wireless / mobile, or a reconfiguration to integrate IP solutions and additional security measures, our team of experts can meet your expectations.

  • IP telephony

    The advantages of IP telephony are multiple for companies of any size. Beyond the cost savings, flexibility of this technology and the many features of VoIP system are the solution of choice. Consult one of our experts to assess your actual and future needs.

  • IT Outsourcing

    By entrusting CD Info Corporate delegated management of your IT services you control your costs, realize significant savings, get tailor-made services and peace of mind. Request an Evaluation or talk to one of our consultants for details of our specific approach.

  • Backup en ligne, sauvegarde en ligne, sécuriser les données informatiques

    Online Backup

    Secure your organization by purchasing a system of automatic online backup, efficient, affordable, accessible via the Internet wherever you are suited to your needs and connection. The proposed solution Corporate Info CD allows you to quickly retrieve your documents.

  • Soutien informatique, Support informatique, technicien informatique

    Technical Support

    Count on our expert advisors to help you on-site, by phone or online to solve all your problems related to networks or their management, the implementation of security procedures, IT strategy, procurement and installing hardware, etc..

  • Contrat de services informatiques de CD Info

    Equipment and Software

    Looking for servers and high-performance work stations? Enjoy our expanded equipment, accessories, software recognized brands (HP, Lenovo, Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, etc..) And our computers designed according to your requirements range. Corporate commands.

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